acrylic paint




Description: “I Go to Blue, I Go to Red” is a collection of two pieces inspired by rooster fights, where traditionally two sides face off: blue and red. This series captures the intensity and dynamics of these combats through a vibrant and emotional representation of the roosters in action.

First piece: “I Go to Blue” The first piece in the collection presents an intense combat scene between two roosters at the center of the composition. One of the roosters, representing the blue side, is in an attacking posture, rising above its opponent, while the other, in a defensive stance, is below. The roosters are the main figures, standing out against a deep blue background adorned with silver symbols of rooster spurs, adding a touch of tradition and symbolism to the work.

The color palette of this piece uses cool tones of blues and violets, creating an atmosphere of tension and drama. The brushstrokes and textures highlight the energy of the fight and the elegance of the roosters, capturing both the beauty and the brutality of these battles.



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