frightened by ” Vegigantes”




8×8 ‘prints’ available


Description: In a captivating homage to Puerto Rico in black and gray tones, the digital canvas unveils a dynamic scene. In the foreground, an energetic child rushes with vitality, their figure sharply outlined in the monochromatic palette. The iconic Puerto Rican flag, depicted in dark and gray hues, serves as a silent witness to the unfolding drama.

In hot pursuit of the lively child are two Vegigantes, their masks and costumes expressed in the black and white palette. The dance between the Vegigantes and the child reflects the essence of Puerto Rican folklore.

In the distance, a father and his daughter stroll hand in hand, their figures gradually fading into the landscape. Despite their reduced size, the father’s protective presence and the daughter’s innocence resonate strongly, creating a contrast with the animated chase in the foreground.

This masterpiece in black and gray tones weaves a tale of generational connections, where the carefree energy of youth juxtaposes with the enduring strength of familial bonds. The Puerto Rican flag, devoid of color but rich in symbolism, underscores the interplay between tradition and modernity on the island.



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