Guardian Angel




oil and acrylic on paper


“Little Angel” Collection: 2022

The work is part of the “Study of Sculptures” collection, a series dedicated to exploring the artistic representation of sculptural figures in a pictorial context.

Technique and Materials: “Little Angel” is created with a combination of acrylic and oil on thick paper. This blend of techniques allows for a rich exploration of textures and depths, with the acrylic providing a vibrant base and the oil adding a quality of luminosity and detail.

Dimensions: Measuring 15 x 11 cm, the work is compact, which forces the viewer to observe intimately and in detail, appreciating every brushstroke and nuance.

Theme and Content: The central piece of the work is a statue of an angel, gracefully poised on a golden triangle that serves as a stable surface. The angel, depicted with a serene and contemplative expression, holds a snail in the palm of its right hand. This small detail adds a layer of symbolism and mystery to the composition. The angel gazes directly at the viewer, creating an intimate and reflective connection.

The background of the work is vertically divided into two color fields: the right side features brushstrokes in green tones, while the left side comprises a vibrant mix of yellow and orange. This division not only adds dynamism to the composition but also highlights the central figure of the angel. Around the angelic figure, dark blue and light blue brushstrokes create a contrasting halo that frames and elevates the angel, visually separating it from the background.

Inspiration: The inspiration behind “Little Angel” comes from a fascination with the intersection between the classical and the modern. The angel, a figure traditionally associated with spirituality and protection, is placed in a geometric and colorful context that challenges and renews its interpretation. This work invites the viewer to reflect on the timelessness of certain symbols and their relevance in contemporary art.

Style: The style of the work can be defined as modern art, with a strong influence of abstraction and symbolism.


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