My work “Greek Goddess” explores the intersection between classical antiquity and the fundamental elements of nature. At the center of the composition, I have placed the head of a Greek sculpture, a figure that evokes the ideals of beauty, perfection, and divinity characteristic of classical Greek art. By situating this figure in the center, I aim to immediately capture the viewer’s attention and establish a powerful focal point.

Behind the sculpture, I have added a triangle as a background to provide dynamic and structural contrast. This triangle not only frames the central figure but also adds depth and dynamism to the work, further highlighting the importance and majesty of the main figure.

In the three corners of the triangle, I have incorporated three symbolic elements representing fire, water, and nature, using primary colors: red for fire, blue for water, and green for nature.

  • Fire (Red): Symbolizes passion, energy, and the transformative power of fire.
  • Water (Blue): Represents fluidity, calmness, and purification associated with water.
  • Nature (Green): Evokes growth, life, and the balance characteristic of nature.

These elements and their colors not only provide visually appealing contrast but also suggest a balance between the fundamental forces of life. The arrangement of these symbols in the corners of the triangle alludes to the interdependence and harmony among these essential elements.




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